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โšก Rill Developer is a tool that makes it effortless to transform your datasets with SQL and create fast, exploratory dashboards. Rill Cloud can then help to enable shared collaboration at scale.

To try out Rill Developer, check out these instructions and join us over on Discord to meet the team behind the product as well as other users. In addition, once you have a project set up in Rill Developer, you can then deploy the project and collaborate with others / invite your team members by logging into Rill Cloud!

Slack Alertsโ€‹

We have extended our Alerts feature to also be able to alert directly to Slack. Either as direct messages or to ping specific channels, it just got way easier to stay up-to-date on your metrics!

Automated Github repository creationโ€‹

Tired of manually creating the Github repository and having to sync it to a Rill project before deploying to Rill Cloud? We've made this process easier for new and experienced users alike. Rill Cloud can now automatically create a Github repository on your behalf for new Rill projects that you wish to deploy. Let us know what you think!

ClickHouse Improvementsโ€‹

Using ClickHouse as a backend has seen a lot of recent improvements where we now support listing additional schemas and various performance improvements!

Pivot Table Exportsโ€‹

Now you can export your pivot table views! We promise we will not take it personally if you export to Excel. Maybe.

Bug Fixes and Miscโ€‹

  • Note: For users of the MotherDuck connector, please note that MotherDuck still only supports up to DuckDB v0.9.2 so it is recommended to stay on Rill v0.42 until support has been updated by the MotherDuck team.
  • Upgraded the underlying version of DuckDB used in Rill to the latest v0.10.1.
  • Fixed a bug where deleting a source or model can sometimes trigger the underlying table to show up in the sidebar's tables list.
  • Added support for alerts on externally managed tables (i.e. Druid or ClickHouse).
  • Improved hardening of the dashboard URL state.
  • Added consistency to how the dimension table is rendered to ensure proper sizing and alignment.
  • Added support for non-default schemas when using ClickHouse.
  • Fixed issue where the runtime would sometimes re-ingest sources on restart.
  • Improved hardening of various frontend components.
  • Fixed bug where mock users would no longer work correctly when assuming a mock user.
  • Fixed bug where admins could not properly use the "View As" dropdown in Rill Cloud.
  • Added hardening to prevent dashboards from occasionally falling into a perpetual loading state when viewing as a mock user with a limited security policy.
  • Fixed a bug where changing the granularity would not always apply correctly to a dashboard when a zoom range has been selected.
  • Improved the styling of the nav bar in Rill.
  • Rill Developer will now hide the Edit model menu item when there is no actual underlying model to edit (i.e. dashboard is built directly on top of a Source or Table resource)
  • Added guardrails to prevent fetching of bookmarks for anonymous users on shared dashboards.
  • Added UX improvements to the default Rill theme.
  • Improved the sidebar layout and how it is animated, including how impacted elements will be positioned.
  • Added hardening to ensure that non-logged in users will always be redirected to login when trying to access a shared dashboard link.
  • Updated our Snowflake Go driver to address an underlying bug related to empty arrow batches (see SNOW-1222159 for more details).
  • Added backend improvements to significantly enhance the performance and responsiveness of dashboards when using Druid as the OLAP engine.
  • Disabled the profile view for any external table that is using a live connection (i.e. Druid or ClickHouse).
  • Improved UX workflow for creating alerts so that it's available from the top bar (instead of the leaderboard).
  • Added fix to use original names when querying information_schema in ClickHouse to allow support for older ClickHouse versions.
  • Added hardening to source navigation to improve consistency when navigating from / to sources in Rill Developer.
  • Added shortcut to reports and alerts from the avatar dropdown when viewing a dashboard.
  • Added a warning indicator in Rill Developer to call out unsupported data types in the UI when listing tables (rather than failing to load the entire table).
  • Improved the color schema for categorical charts in Rill.
  • Added further hardening in the application layer to improve query cancellation and requeuing logic.
  • Improved the UX of pivot tables by separating out the totals data row.
  • Improved how security policies apply to alerts so that only admins and alert owners can fetch alert details but viewers will still be able to list alerts they have access to.
  • Added fix to ensure proper percent-of-total calculations in the time dimension detail and leaderboard views.
  • Enhanced the backend query optimization of the time dimension detail to reduce the number of queries sent and significantly improve the overall performance of the chart.
  • Fixed bug where environment templating was not working correctly with custom SQL APIs.
  • Improved the page load times and navigation latency of the UI.
  • Updated the Druid driver in Rill to leverage the Druid SQL API instead.
  • Added support for multiple schemas when using a live connection with ClickHouse or Druid.
  • Improved how dimensions and measures are validated in dashboards to parallelize and optimize performance.