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Rill 0.40 - Measure filters, MySQL connector, exports, branding updates and more!

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โšก Rill Developer is a tool that makes it effortless to transform your datasets with SQL and create fast, exploratory dashboards.

To try out Rill Developer, check out these instructions and join us over on Discord to meet the team behind the product as well as other users!

release-0 40

Measure Filtersโ€‹

In Rill you have always been able to filter your data in dimension and now we are introducing the ability to also slice and dice your data based on measures. Answering question such as "Show my customers that has a revenue larger than 10k" or "Filter my data by my top 10 customers". And of course they are compatible with all of our other filters!

New Connectorsโ€‹

Super happy to announce that we now also support MySQL and Salesforce. You can now ingest data directly from Salesforce and combine that with other sources within Rill. A big thanks to Christian for submitting the connector!

Exports from Time Dimension Detailโ€‹

Now you can export data from time dimension detail! ๐Ÿฅณ

Branding Updatesโ€‹

Rill has received a facelift and so has the product. New logo and new colors across the app, can you spot them all?

Bug Fixes and Miscโ€‹

  • Enhanced Cloud UI project status with resource-level status to provide richer context about individual resource statuses.
  • Improved redirect logic in the UI so that users that are members of only one organization are automatically redirected from the Home page to the Org page, users that are members of multiple organizations are redirected to the Org page of their most recently visited organization, and users that are not part of any organization see the Welcome message instead.
  • Added hardening to improve how the max number of concurrent connections allowed is handled in the backend via the runtime.
  • Improved how query retries are handled in the backend for specific scenarios.
  • Reduced warnings about "broken rill.yaml" files that can occur with empty Rill projects.
  • Addressed scenario where none of the include clauses matching when security policies are configured for a dashboard could erroneously include all measures / dimensions.
  • Fixed a community-reported bug (shoutout to community member Christian!) where an user's local timezone being unknown by the browser (i.e. Etc/Unknown) could cause dashboards to fail to render.
  • Fixed an issue where long project title names could spill over and overlap with other buttons in the UI.
  • Added support for a native Salesforce connector in Rill (original community contribution made by our friend Christian!).
  • Refactored and standardized how filter formats are handled in the backend.
  • Fixed bug related to using dimension expressions with timezones.
  • Improved scrolling in the UI when using large dashboards that contain many charts and leaderboards.
  • Improved hardening and consistency of query cancellation logic in the backend.
  • Improved log handling in the backend.
  • Added support for the Euro currency (joint contribution with community member Fred!).
  • Fixed bug in which rill start fails to start up when a proxy server is configured because an invalid request is sent to the proxy (commmunity contribution by Christian!).
  • Fixed bug where comparing by a numeric dimension that contains null values and adding a filter for nulls as well on the same dimension would cause the dashboard to crash.
  • Enabled the custom_user_agent option in our MotherDuck connector.
  • Fixed bug where comparing by dimension in the time dimension table could result in all dimension values getting the same measure value.
  • Fixed bug where exports would not respect the filters applied to the dashboard.
  • Improved the styling of button components and headers in the frontend.
  • Added support for toggle-clicking in the leadership and dimension table views by using Command-click / Control-click to quickly clear all existing filters and apply the clicked-on value instead (if it was previously unselected).
  • Fixed bug where the user comparison choice was not always respected when switching time periods.
  • Improved how color themes are handled in the UI across the application.