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How to install Rill


You can install rill using our installation script:

curl | sh

Verify that the installation succeeded:

rill --help
sharing dashboards in Rill cloud? clone your git repo first

If you plan to share your dashboards, it is helpful to start by creating a repo in Git. Go to to create a new repo. Then, run the Rill install script in your cloned location locally to make deployment easier.

More details on deploying Rill via Git in our Deploy section.

Nightly Releases

On both macOS and Linux, you can install the latest nightly build using the installation script:

curl | sh -s -- --nightly
MacOS users

If you previously installed Rill using brew, the brew-managed binary will take precedent. You can remove it by running brew uninstall rill.

Installing a specific version of Rill

Rather than installing the latest version of Rill automatically, you can also install a specific version through the installation script by using the following command (e.g. v0.40.1):

curl | sh -s -- --version <insert_version_number>
Checking the Rill version

To check the precise version of available releases, you can navigate to the Releases page of our Rill repo. Note that if an invalid or incorrect version is passed to the install script, you will get prompted with an error to specify a correct version.

Rill on Windows using WSL

To install Rill on Windows, you'll first need to install WSL and one dependency in your WSL environment. To install WSL, please refer to Microsoft's documentation.

We have verified that Rill runs on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. Other distributions and versions may work, but are not tested. You can install Ubuntu 22.04 LTS with the following PowerShell command:

wsl --install -d Ubuntu-22.04

Once you have installed WSL and logged in to your Linux instance, you just need to install the unzip package to use Rill's curl installer. This can be done from the Linux command line with the following commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install unzip

With unzip installed, you're ready to install Rill. Just run:

curl | sh

Manual Install

You can download platform-specific binaries from our releases page on Github. A manual download will not make Rill Developer globally accessible, so you'll need to reference the full path of the binary when executing CLI commands.

Brew Install

On macOS, you can also install Rill using Homebrew. To avoid conflicts, don't mix it with other installation options and always upgrade Rill via brew.

brew install rilldata/tap/rill 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I upgrade Rill to the latest version?

If you installed Rill using the installation script described above, you can upgrade by running rill upgrade or by re-running the installation script.

Rill cannot be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.

This occurs when Rill binary is downloaded via the browser. You need to change the permissions to make it executable and remove it from Apple Developer identification quarantine. Below CLI commands will help you to do that:

chmod a+x rill
xattr -d ./rill

Error - This macOS version is not supported. Please upgrade.

Rill uses duckDB internally which requires a newer macOS version. Please upgrade your macOS version to 10.14 or higher.