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Rill 0.45 - Enhancing Rill Developer, embedded Rill Cloud Support, more time functions in Metrics SQL and easy uninstalls

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โšก Rill Developer is a tool that makes it effortless to transform your datasets with SQL and create fast, exploratory dashboards. Rill Cloud can then help to enable shared collaboration at scale.

To try out Rill Developer, check out these instructions and join us over on Discord to meet the team behind the product as well as other users. In addition, once you have a project set up in Rill Developer, you can then deploy the project and collaborate with others / invite your team members by logging into Rill Cloud!

release-0 45

More enhancements to Rill Developerโ€‹

We have continued to enhance Rill Developer with more error notifications, hints and performance improvements.
Files will now indicate errors in the file listing view to easily allow you to glance your project structure to understand if there are any reconcile or syntax errors within your files.

Contacting support is just a click away in Rill Cloudโ€‹

You can now easily chat with Support in Rill Cloud as an admin user. You will find the new chat widget accessible under your profile in Rill Cloud and it'll give you a direct line to our Support team whenever you have questions or issues with Rill Cloud!

More time functions for Metrics SQLโ€‹

Using Metrics SQL you can easily query a Rill Metrics view in a SQL-like syntax. We have now added support for date_add, date_sub and now that allows you to use time more effectively to query your data.

Uninstall Rillโ€‹

Want to easily uninstall Rill? ๐Ÿ˜ข
We have added a uninstall command to the CLI as such, rill uninstall

Bug Fixes and Miscโ€‹

  • Upgraded the underlying version of DuckDB used in Rill to v0.10.2.
  • Fixed issue where the text at the end of the timeseries chart when hovering could be cut off when using the comparison feature.
  • Fixed issue where the chart labels could occasionally be cut off in the time dimension detail.
  • Fixed issue where Druid-backed dashboards would not always properly display values in the time dimension detail view if the measure contained infinity or NaN results (usually because of a divide by zero).
  • Added further hardening and polish to the pivot table UX.
  • Added further hardening and polish to the editor along with other components in the new File Explorer UI.
  • Added support for a new rill uninstall CLI command.
  • Added support for specifying a --version flag in the rill upgrade CLI command.
  • Added more consistency to the rill env command.
  • Fixed inconsistency where tooltips would sometimes show undefined when the underlying value has no data.
  • Fixed issue where non-string dimension values could cause the stacked area chart in the time dimension detail view to freeze.
  • Fixed issue where the preview in Rill Developer would not always properly reflect new columns that are added to a model and/or include extra white spaces when removing a column.
  • Added an alert icon to the directory and the file in the new File Explorer to indicate where there is an error.
  • Improved hardening so that lines are more consistently highlighted when comparison mode is enabled.
  • Simplified the alert criteria options to keep the list more concise.
  • Added support for the date_add, date_sub, and now time functions in metrics SQL.
  • Added new connector.clickhouse.enable_cache property that can be passed in the connector configuration to enable the ClickHouse cache.
  • Fixed issue where generating the dashboard YAML with AI could sometimes result in a complex column name being used for the measure expression and lead to an error.
  • Improved the alerting preview behavior so that opening the dashboard after receiving an alert notification will preserve the filters applied to the dashboard.
  • Hardened how "no data" is displayed where null or undefined values will now be shown as - in any table view.
  • Cleaned up frontend components that are no longer being used.