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Rill 0.26 โ€“ Rill Open Beta

ยท 3 min read

โšก Rill Developer is a tool that makes it effortless to transform your datasets with SQL and create fast, exploratory dashboards.

To try out Rill Developer, check out these instructions and let us know over on Discord if you encounter any problems or have ideas about how to improve Rill Developer!


Many Rill users have asked us how they can share what they have built in Rill with others. With this release, we are excited to bring you self-serve access to sharable deployed dashboards using Rill. ๐ŸŽ‰

With one simple command, rill deploy, you are able to launch your project dashboards to an online endpoint. This endpoint can be protected and "invite only" for your collaborators or it can be a public website shared with the world.

  • **Self-serve local project deployment with the CLI - ** Deploying a project makes dashboards available online and enables you to invite others to access it without installing Rill locally. To try deploying your project cd into the project's root directory and run rill deploy.

  • **User management with the CLI - ** In Rill Cloud, access can be granted at the organization or project level using the Rill CLI. You can grant access to a private dashboard using rill user add

    • Viewers can browse projects and view dashboards.
    • Admins can deploy projects, make changes to existing projects, or delete deployed projects. They can also manage members of an organization by granting or revoking access to other users. The person deploying the project for the first time is an Admin by default.
  • **Continuous deployment with Github - ** Rill connects to a repository on Github containing a Rill project, and continuously deploys that project. This means that every change you push to your primary branch in Github will be automatically picked up by Rill and update the hosted endpoint. This workflow enables you to use best practices in Git workflows as well as frictionless deployment to your production environment.

  • **New welcome screen in Rill local - ** We are excited to get the word out that Rill Beta is open and expect to have more people taking the data to deployed dashboard journey with us. To welcome new users, we made a beautiful new welcome splash screen in the application that helps people take their first step -- adding data they care about. We think this will be a great space to share more examples projects in the future.

Do you have questions or issues trying to create your hosted dashboard? Reach out on Discord we would love to help!