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Rill 0.46 - Comparisons everywhere, more improvements to Rill Developer and external OLAP engines.

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โšก Rill Developer is a tool that makes it effortless to transform your datasets with SQL and create fast, exploratory dashboards. Rill Cloud can then help to enable shared collaboration at scale.

To try out Rill Developer, check out these instructions and join us over on Discord to meet the team behind the product as well as other users. In addition, once you have a project set up in Rill Developer, you can then deploy the project and collaborate with others / invite your team members by logging into Rill Cloud!

release-0 46

Comparisons everywhere!โ€‹

Out of the box comparisons have always been a major part of Rill and now we've added comparisons to Rill's Alerts and Pivot tables. This allows you to specify alert criteria on comparison values, such as, "hey alert me if any of my top 100 customers has a decline in sales greater then 10% compared to last week". We've also introduced comparisons to the pivot table where you now can easily toggle on or off time comparisons and easily track changes in your metrics while exploring within the pivot table. Enjoy!

Rill Developerโ€‹

In addition to various fixes and performance improvements we have are now grouping the Tables underneath their corresponding connectors for multi connector projects and bring-your-own-OLAP-engine projects.

OLAP Engines - Even easierโ€‹

Now you can connect to your own OLAP engine, such as ClickHouse, Druid or Pinot, without having to restart Rill or passing in connection strings as startup parameters. It's as easy as selecting ClickHouse in the Connect dialog and off you go!

Bug Fixes and Miscโ€‹

  • Introduced tooltip and click-to-copy functionalities to the pivot table.
  • Improved the default width and background color of the dashboard canvas.
  • Fixed bug where the date selector UI does not always reflect the end date range when clicking on the end date.
  • Added support for enabling or disabling exports and AI enabled dashboard generation in the UI via a feature flag.
  • Added more consistency to how page titles are rendered in Rill Developer.
  • Fixed issue where the chart type was not properly being retained in the URL state of the time dimension detail.
  • Fixed issue where completely clearing a dashboard YAML would stop showing any successive errors even when adding content back to the dashboard YAML.
  • Fixed issues or inconsistent states that could sometimes arise when renaming a resource that is actively being reconciled.
  • Removed the wand icon from the generate dashboard button.
  • Rill now automatically embeds all necessary DuckDB extensions in its installation binary.
  • Refactored the Table Explorer to be connector-specific.
  • Fixed issue where Rill Developer could hang in specific scenarios when multiple tabs in the browser are open and Rill is attempting to reconcile.
  • Added more consistency by skipping invalidation if no filename is present.
  • Rill will now automatically set the session timezone as UTC when using the ClickHouse connector.
  • Fixed a bug where the time dimension detail chart could error when using comparisons with a dimension that has excluded values.
  • Introduced QOL / UX improvements to the alert tab and dialog form.
  • Added backend improvements to remove unnecessary and/or redundant network requests in Rill Developer.
  • Fixed issue where comparison visualizations do not always work properly when using ClickHouse-backed dashboards.
  • Improved error handling for reconciling resources in Rill.
  • Rill CLI will no longer show the "pending user invites" header if there aren't any outstanding pending user invites.
  • Improved how project-level members are listed from within the Rill CLI.
  • Fixed how UUID types are handled by the PostgreSQL connector.
  • Improved how total columns are differentiated in the pivot table along with other UX improvements.
  • Fixed issue where Rill Developer would sometimes show a "source imported successfully" message before the ingestion was actually complete.
  • Rill will now automatically more explicitly declare required connector properties when setting up a new connector.
  • Rill now supports setting individual connection properties in our OLAP connectors (ClickHouse, Druid, Pinot).
  • Fixed issue where environment-specific YAML overrides were not getting picked up properly for the sql: property.
  • Fixed an issue where isSummable was returning false for functions like APPROX_COUNT_DISTINCT, which would result in bars not being displayed properly in the leaderboard charts.
  • Rill Developer will now represent databases and database schemas in an expandable or collapsible folder structure in the Table Explorer.
  • Fixed issue where the cells in the pivot table does not always update properly when changing the time range after scrolling.
  • Fixed issue where editing either the rill.yaml or .env files could cause Rill Developer to become unresponsive.
  • Rill will no longer generate an empty source and model directory by default for newly initialized Rill projects.
  • Rill will now utilize system tables instead of information_schema for ClickHouse OLAP queries.
  • Introduced a settings_override so that readonly=1 can be set and other settings disabled if using a read-only user with the ClickHouse connector.
  • Introduced dedicated in-app guided flows for connecting to external OLAP engines via the UI.
  • Further optimized and hardened how comparison aggregation measure filter queries are executed in the backend.
  • Improved how connector names are handled and rendered in the UI, especially when the connector name does not match the driver type.
  • Added improvements to our query invalidation logic when a connector is changed.