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Rill 0.13 – Source connections to S3 and GCS

Β· 3 min read

⚑ Rill Developer is a tool that makes it effortless to transform your datasets with SQL and create powerful, opinionated dashboards. These are our release notes for our 0.13 release, still in Tech Preview.

To try out Rill Developer, check out these instructions and let us know over on Discord if you encounter any problems or have ideas about how to improve Rill Developer!

Historically in Rill Developer it could be cumbersome to maintain fresh data sources through the local file system. Keeping data sources fresh and relevant to your current questions helps you proactively address what is happening in real time. If data is being collected over time and stored in a data warehouse, you would need to repeatedly track down, download, and import the files you care about to utilize the power of Rill. The process of refreshing data shouldn’t feel like a barrier to exploring the current trends.

In this release of Rill Developer we have added the ability to bring remotely stored files from GCS / S3 into your local Rill application through a remote connection. This gives you all of the incredible analytical power of DuckDB with Rill's powerful profiling and exploratory dashboard. Try Rill connections and spend less time digging in your data warehouse for the latest files and more time exploring what insights they hold.

NOTE: We will not support Docker and npm install paths moving forward to help us focus on a high quality binary install experience. Please try Rill with our binary moving forward.

  • S3 and GCS stored file connections β€” Connections keep your local data fresh and evergreen by establishing the location and credentials needed to access your data stored in the cloud. Our S3 and GCS connectors bring remote parquet and CSV files into Rill Developer’s sources for exploration with the click of a button. Each time the source is refreshed it will fully replace the current source with the remote file keeping your models and dashboards current over time. Rill picks up your local environment credentials to access protected remote files making it extremely low-touch to get started. Check out our documentation to learn more.
  • Making your experience better β€” This release included many fixes to ensure we are providing a more cohesive application experience. We aligned interactions across different surfaces, reviewed our use of color, revised our copy, fixed browser some jank, and corrected performance regressions. A few of our notable contributions include:
    • Improvements to filter pills logic help you tinker with combinations of filters.
    • Clearer leaderboard and detail table interactions.
    • Clearer toggles for include / exclude dimension values.
    • Bug fixes improving navigation and navigation error handling.
    • More robust data ingestion for numeric and symbol file names.
    • Bug fixes for profiling queries that caused errors for string functions.