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Project files

When you create sources, models, and dashboards, these objects are represented as object files on the file system. You can find these files in your sources, models and dashboards folders in your project by default.

Working with resources outside their native folders

It is possible to define resources (such as sources, models, dashboards, custom APIs, or themes) within any nested folder within your Rill project directory. However, for any YAML configuration file, it is then imperative that the type property is then appropriately defined within the underlying resource configuration or Rill will not able to resolve the resource type correctly!

Projects can simply be rehydrated from Rill project files into an explorable data application as long as there is sufficient access and credentials to the source data - figuring out the dependencies, pulling down data, & validating your model queries and metrics configurations. The result is a set of functioning exploratory dashboards.

You can see a few different example projects by visiting our example github repository.


For more information about using Git or cloning projects locally, please see our page on Github Basics.