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Rill 0.37 - Time Dimension Detail and Scheduled Reports! ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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โšก Rill Developer is a tool that makes it effortless to transform your datasets with SQL and create fast, exploratory dashboards.

To try out Rill Developer, check out these instructions and let us know over on Discord if you encounter any problems or have ideas about how to improve Rill Developer!

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At Rill, our vision has always been to create the fastest and most insightful dashboards. This release brings that dream closer to reality with two groundbreaking improvements: the innovative Time Dimension Detail View and the highly anticipated Scheduled Data Exports.

Time Dimension Detail Viewโ€‹

Rill's innovative Time Dimension Detail View for the dashboard is designed to enhance data analysis and comparison over time. Key features of this new view include:

  • Expanded Time Series Chart: The view prominently features an expanded chart at the top, allowing for a more detailed examination of trends over time.

  • Compare Dimension Values: Users can compare dimension values simultaneously, each represented by distinct color-coded lines on the chart for easy differentiation.

  • Focused Data Analysis: The view supports switching between one measure and one dimension at a time, enabling users to concentrate on specific data points.

  • Flexible Value Inclusion/Exclusion: Similar to the dashboard leaderboards, this view allows users to include or exclude values, offering customizable data representation.

  • Scrub to Filter: Borrowing from the dashboard overview charts, the new view includes a scrub feature to filter data, providing an intuitive way to drill down into specific time periods or data points.

This enhancement provides users a more dynamic and interactive way to explore and understand their data over time, making it a valuable addition to the dashboard's capabilities.

Scheduled Data Exportsโ€‹

One of the most common requests from our users is now available - scheduled data exports. The configuration process is straightforward, enabling consumers to set up their data exports to their email inbox without hassle. This feature enhances data monitoring and allows users to stay informed about their data trends and metrics without the need to continually log in and manually explore the data. Read more about how to create scheduled reports by visiting docs page here.

Data Ingestion Stability Improvementsโ€‹

The release contains stability improvements for data ingestion by isolating out DuckDB instances for each source and the catalog. This helps avoid DB and table level locks during ingestion and parallel reads which used to cause DuckDB write-ahead log to explode.

DuckDB 0.9.2 Upgradeโ€‹

Last, we have updated to the latest version of DuckDB, v0.9.2, which is a bug-fix release. Head over to the DuckDB changelog for more details.