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Google Sheets

Google Sheets

Rill has the ability to read from any http(s) URL endpoint that produces a valid data file in a supported format. For example, to bring in data from Google Sheets as a CSV file directly into Rill as a source (leveraging the direct download link syntax), you can create a source_name.yaml file in the sources directory of your Rill project directory with the following content:

type: source
connector: "duckdb"
sql: "select * from read_csv_auto('<SPREADSHEET_ID>/export?format=csv&gid=<SHEET_ID>', normalize_names=True)"
Updating the URL

Make sure to replace SPREADSHEET_ID and SHEET_ID with the ID of your spreadsheet and tab respectively (which you can obtain from looking at the URL when Google Sheets is open).

Connecting to Google Sheets