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Project YAML

The rill.yaml file contains metadata about your project.


  • title — the name of your project which will be displayed in the upper left hand corner
  • compiler — the Rill project compiler version compatible with your project files (currently only supports: rill-beta)
  • mock_users — a list of mock users to test against dashboard security policies. For each mock user, possible attributes include:
    • email — the mock user's email (required)
    • name — the mock user's name
    • admin — whether or not the mock user is an admin

Project-wide defaults

In rill.yaml, you can specify project-wide defaults that will be applied for all resources within a project.

Individual resources will inherit any defaults that have been specified in rill.yaml. If the same property is set in both rill.yaml and a specific project file, the local setting in the project file takes precedence. See the documentation for each individual resources -- sources, models, and dashboards -- for available properties.

The top level property is the resource type in plural, such as sources, models, and dashboards.


title: My project
materialize: true
first_day_of_week: 7
- America/Los_Angeles
- America/New_York
- Europe/London
- Asia/Kolkata