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rill deploy

rill deploy

Deploy project to Rill Cloud

rill deploy [flags]


      --path string             Path to project repository (default ".")
--org string Org to deploy project
--description string Project description
--region string Deployment region
--prod-db-driver string Database driver (default "duckdb")
--prod-db-dsn string Database driver configuration
--public Make dashboards publicly accessible
--subpath string Relative path to project in the repository (for monorepos)
--prod-branch string Git branch to deploy from (default: the default Git branch)
--project string Project name (default: Git repo name)
--remote string Remote name (defaults: first github remote)
--api-token string Token for authenticating with the admin API

Global flags

  -h, --help          Print usage
--interactive Prompt for missing required parameters (default true)