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Deploy Projects

Follow this tutorial to deploy an existing Rill project to Rill Cloud. Deploying a project makes its dashboards available online and enables you to invite others to access it. Flow diagram below shows the steps needed for deploying an existing project.

Push the project to Github

Rill Cloud connects to a repository on Github containing a Rill project, and continuously deploys that project on every push. Therefore, your project must be on Github before you deploy it to Rill.

  • If your project is not yet on Github, follow the steps on to create a new repository and push your project files to it.
  • If your project is already on Github, make sure you have permission to grant access to it. If you're deploying a project controlled by someone else, first fork or copy it to a repository in your account.

Deploy to Rill Cloud

With your project files on Github, you're ready to deploy the project. In the directory containing your project, run:

rill deploy

The CLI will guide you through authenticating with Rill Cloud and granting read-only access to your Rill project on Github.

Checking deployment status

Once the deployment has completed, the browser will open on your project's status page. You can also check the project status from the command-line by running:

rill project status
Resetting an Errored Project

Projects can sometimes be in an error state for a variety of a reasons. A hard reset can often clear these issues.

To execute a hard reset, use the following command from the CLI rill project reconcile --reset

Updating the deployment

Your project on Rill Cloud will automatically re-deploy every time you git push changes to Github.

To refresh data sources without pushing code changes, run:

rill project reconcile --refresh

Change your production branch

By default, Rill deploys from the default branch of your Git repository. You can change this to any branch you want.

To deploy your project from a different branch, run the following command:

rill deploy --prod-branch [PROD-BRANCH]

Deploying from a branch other than main

A branch from which continuous deployment is setup can be changed while editing the project. To change the branch, run:

rill project edit

Deploy from a monorepo

If your Rill project is in a sub-directory of a Git repository, use the --subpath option when creating your project:

rill deploy --subpath path/to/rill/project

Note that you must run rill deploy from the root of the Git repository, not the root of the Rill project.