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Bookmarks & Sharing


Bookmarks are useful to return to regular analyses and filter sets commonly used for reporting or deep dives. If you have a regular view of the data, a bookmark is also a good replacement rather than creating an entirely new dashboard as it contains a subset of the view while retaining all of the fields available for analysis.

Common use cases for Bookmarks include:

  • Weekly/Monthly reporting
  • Setting filters for specific users/use cases (eg. teams or executives with a narrower view, an account manager's book of clietns)
  • Answering common troubleshooting questions by starting with a subset of problem dimensions

How to set and use Bookmarks

On the top right portion of the screen, you will see the Bookmark icon to bring up the option to save a bookmark. Clicking that icon brings up options to save the current page as your homescreen, create a new bookmark page, or to see your list of bookmarks (and shared bookmarks).


On the bookmark screen, you'll then be able to set the options related to the saved view:

  • Name: Set a name and description (optional)
  • Filters: All filters from your previous analysis will be carried into the bookmark. Add/remove any additional filters as necessary
  • Shared or Local: Select a category (for admins who wish to make a public bookmark)
  • Save Filters Only: this option will save only the filter combination to be re-used later without restricting the measures and dimensions
  • Absolute Dates: use this option if you have a saved time period and return exactly to that period versus using the time period filter