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Rill Developer (tech preview)

Rill Developer makes it effortless to transform your datasets with SQL and create powerful, opinionated dashboards. Rill's principles:

  • feels good to use – powered by Sveltekit & DuckDB = conversation-fast, not wait-ten-seconds-for-result-set fast
  • works with your local and remote datasets – imports and exports Parquet and CSV (s3, gcs, https, local)
  • no more data analysis "side-quests" – helps you build intuition about your dataset through automatic profiling
  • no "run query" button required – responds to each keystroke by re-profiling the resulting dataset
  • radically simple dashboards – thoughtful, opinionated defaults to help you quickly derive insights from your data
  • dashboards as code – each step from data to dashboard has versioning, git sharing, and easy project rehydration

Pick an install option

You can get started in less than 2 minutes with our install script (Mac, Linux).

curl -s | bash

After installation, launch the application by running rill start or try an example project:

rill init --example

We want to hear from you

You can file an issue or reach us in our Rill discord channel. Please abide by the rill community policy.