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Scheduled Reports

Welcome to the Scheduled Reports feature in Rill Cloud! This powerful tool allows you to effortlessly generate and manage email reports for any exportable content within your Rill cloud dashboard.

How to Schedule an Email Report

Follow these simple steps to schedule an email report:

  1. Navigate to Content:

    • Expand a dimension table by clicking on the dimension name.
  2. Export Options:

    • Click on the Export button and select "Create scheduled report..."
    • Filters, comparisons, and sort orders will be preserved for your report.
  3. Configure Report Settings:

    • Choose a frequency, report format (csv/excel/parquet), and specify a list of recipients.
  4. Complete and Enjoy:

    • Click "Done," and voila! User-created reports will be delivered directly to your inbox 🎉.

Managing Scheduled Reports

Effortlessly manage your scheduled reports in Rill Cloud:

  • Accessing Reports:

    • When browsing projects, find related assets for each project, including dashboards, reports, and logs.
  • Permissions:

    • Viewers can see their own reports, while administrators can view both their own and other users' reports.
  • Report Details:

    • Click into a report to view schedule details, next run information, recipients, and execution history.
  • Deletion:

    • To delete a report, click the three-dot menu next to the report name and select "Delete Report."
  • Unsubscribe Option:

    • Recipients have the option to unsubscribe by clicking the provided link within the report delivery email.

We strive to make your reporting experience seamless. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions, feel free to provide feedback. Happy reporting!