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How to install a Rill binary

Our install script is the fastest way to download Rill Developer and make it a globally accessible binary:

curl -s | bash

Nightly build:

curl -s | bash -s -- --nightly

Nightly builds for M1 Mac (arm64) use Apples’s Rosetta emulator, which may be less performant than native weekly builds.

Alternatively, you can manually download the latest binary that is relevant for your OS and architecture.

If you see a warning when opening the rill macos-arm64 binary you need to change the permissions to make it executable and remove it from Apple Developer identification quarantine.

cd ~/Downloads
chmod a+x rill
xattr -d ./rill

Unlike the script-based installation, a manual download will not make Rill Developer globally accessible, so you'll need to reference the full path of the binary when executing CLI commands.