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Get started

This tutorial is a step by step guide that will help you install Rill, ingest source data, and deploy a dashboard online.

Install Rill

Install rill on Mac or Linux (WSL for Windows users) using the installation script:

curl -s | bash

Create your project

Start a new Rill project:

rill start my-rill-project

The Rill web app runs locally at http://localhost:9009 and will create code files in the my-rill-project directory.

Load and transform data

On the welcome screen, initialize an example project or load up Rill with your own data. Use the app to develop data models and dashboards.

Deploy your dashboard

You can deploy any Rill project with a dashboard to an authenticated hosted endpoint:

  1. Create a new Github repository on and push your my-rill-project directory to it
  2. Setup continuous deployment from Github to Rill Cloud:
    cd my-rill-project
    rill deploy

Share your dashboard

Projects on Rill Cloud are private by default. To invite others to explore your project, run:

rill user add

We want to hear from you

You can file an issue on GitHub or reach us in our Discord channel.