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Rill's BI-as-code approach allows you to build and manage dashboards in a codeful way locally + integrate your analytics into other Git processes. This tutorial is a step by step guide that will help you install Rill, ingest sources, model data and deploy a dashboard online.

Example projects

If you're looking for a place to get started, check out one of our example projects which cover a variety of sources and use cases.

Install Rill

Install rill on Mac or Linux (WSL for Windows users) using the installation script:

curl -s | bash

Create your project

Start a new Rill project:

rill start my-rill-project

The Rill web app runs locally at http://localhost:9009 and will create code files in the my-rill-project directory.

Load and transform data

On the welcome screen, initialize an example project or load up Rill with your own data (use local files, cloud storage and/or database connections)

Use the app to transform your data (data models) and quickly generate visualizations (dashboards).

Deploy your dashboard

Once complete, you can deploy any Rill project with a dashboard to an authenticated hosted endpoint:

  1. Create a new Github repository on and push your my-rill-project directory to it
  2. Setup continuous deployment from Github to Rill Cloud:
    cd my-rill-project
    rill deploy

Share your dashboard

Projects on Rill Cloud are private by default. To invite others to explore your project, run:

rill user add

We want to hear from you

You can file an issue on GitHub or reach us in our Discord channel.