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Example Projects

Project Repository

We have created several example projects that highlight common use cases for Rill.

The monorepo for these examples can be found at:

Each example project includes a ReadMe with more details on:

  • Source data in the dataset
  • Dimension and metric definitions
  • Example dashboard analyses

Current projects include:

  • App Engagement: a conversion dataset used by marketers, mobile developers or product teams to analyze funnel steps
  • Cost Monitoring: based off of Rill's own internal dashboards, cloud infrastructure data (compute, storage, pipeline statistics, etc.) merged with customer data to analyze bottlenecks and look for efficiencies
  • GitHub Analytics: analyze GitHub activity to understand what parts of your codebase are most active, analyze contributor productivity, and evaluate the intersections between commits and files
  • Programmatic Ads/OpenRTB: bidstream data for programmtic advertisers to optimize pricing strategies, look for inventory opportunities, and improve campaign performance
  • 311 Operations: a live datastream of 311 call centers from various locations in the US for example operational analytics

Installing Examples

You can install rill using our installation script:

curl | sh

To run an example (in this case our Programmatic/OpenRTB dataset):

git clone
cd rill-examples/rill-openrtb-prog-ads
rill start

Rill will build your project from data sources to dashboard and then launch in a new browser window.