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How to configure credentials in Rill

Rill utilizes a PostgreSQL connection string to retrieve the necessary connection parameters for establishing a connection with PostgreSQL. For detailed information on connection strings, please consult the PostgreSQL documentation. How you configure postgres connection string depends on whether you are developing a project locally using rill start or are setting up a deployment using rill deploy.

Configure credentials for local development

When working on a local project, you have the option to specify a connection string when running Rill using the --env flag. An example of using this syntax in terminal:

rill start --env connector.postgres.database_url="postgresql://postgres:postgres@localhost:5432/postgres"

Alternatively, you can include the connection string directly in the source code by adding the database_url parameter. An example of a source using this approach:

type: "postgres"
sql: "select * from my_table"
database_url: "postgresql://postgres:postgres@localhost:5432/postgres"

This approach is less recommended because it places the connection string (which may contain sensitive information like passwords) in the source file, which is committed to Git. For more information, please refer to the documentation on sources.

Configure credentials for deployments on Rill Cloud

Once a project having a Postgres source has been deployed using rill deploy, Rill requires you to explicitly provide the connection string using following command:

rill env configure

Note that you must cd into the Git repository that your project was deployed from before running rill env configure.