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Amazon Athena

How to configure credentials in Rill

How you configure access to Athena depends on whether you are developing a project locally using rill start or are setting up a deployment using rill deploy.

Configure credentials for local development

When developing a project locally, Rill uses the credentials configured in your local environment using the AWS CLI.

To check if you already have the AWS CLI installed and authenticated, open a terminal window and run:

aws iam get-user --no-cli-pager

If it prints information about your user, there is nothing more to do. Rill will be able to connect to Athena that you have access to.

If you do not have the AWS CLI installed and authenticated, follow these steps:

  1. Open a terminal window and install the AWS CLI if it is not already installed on your system.

  2. If your organization has SSO configured, reach out to your admin for instructions on how to authenticate using aws sso login.

  3. If your organization does not have SSO configured:

    a. Follow the steps described under How to create an AWS service account using the AWS Management Console, which you will find below on this page.

    b. Run the following command and provide the access key, access secret, and default region when prompted (you can leave the "Default output format" blank):

    aws configure

You have now configured AWS access from your local environment. Rill will detect and use your credentials next time you try to ingest a source.

Configure credentials for deployments on Rill Cloud

When deploying a project to Rill Cloud, Rill requires you to explicitly provide an access key and secret for an AWS service account with access to Athena used in your project.

When you first deploy a project using rill deploy, you will be prompted to provide credentials for the remote sources in your project that require authentication.

If you subsequently add sources that require new credentials (or if you input the wrong credentials during the initial deploy), you can update the credentials used by Rill Cloud by running:

rill env configure

Note that you must cd into the Git repository that your project was deployed from before running rill env configure.

Athena/S3 permissions

Athena connector does the following AWS queries while ingesting data from Athena:

  1. Athena:GetWorkGroup to determine an output location if not specified explicitly.
  2. S3:ListObjects to identify files unloaded by Athena
  3. S3:GetObject to ingest files unloaded by Athena.

Make sure your account or a service account have corresponding permissions to perform these requests.